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What is a Mummy MOT - why should I have one?

I guess you’re reading this as you are soon due to have a baby or already have…I have been in that position. I remember after having my first baby and my second and finally my third, I had A LOT of questions, such as; when will my tummy flatten? When will I stop bleeding? When can I have intercourse? Will it hurt? Will it feel the same? When can I exercise? When can I return to my hobbies? Is my pelvic floor ok? Do I need to do anything with my C section scar?

I turned up to my NHS 6 week postnatal check, each time, expecting a thorough examination and assessment and answers to my questions but I got none…I was asked about contraception and my baby.

The founders of the Mummy MOT felt that things could be done differently by focusing the assessment on the Mum and dealing with all the questions and worries that all Mums have. It’s the postnatal check we all need and deserve whether it's 6 weeks, 6 months or several years down the line. We ask about YOU. Not the Mummy you are now but the person before that, that’s what we need to get you back to.

We start by taking a really thorough assessment from you, to hear your story, and allow you to ask all your questions in a safe and confidential space. We then look at your posture and how pregnancy has moulded you. We look at your tummy and how its adapted so wonderfully to grow your babe and we complete an internal examination, if you so wish, to look at scars, muscle tone and to identify any problems.

After the assessment you will receive a personalised report and guidance to help you on those first early months or a starting point if you are many years down the line. It doesn’t matter where you are on your Motherhood journey, we can help you make changes and support you as best we can to achieve your goals.


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