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A guide to all the factors that contribute to your health

Ever felt like you were getting better and then for no reason your problem returned?  Or why some days seem to be randomly worse than others?

Our experience and current research tells us that other health factors can have a significant influence on the onset and recovery of your problem.  Below we have put together some key information on the 6 factors that have the biggest effect on how you feel, how you recover and how likely you are going to get injured in the first place.  Don't forget to keep checking out our blog for updates on all the latest research from the world leading experts.

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What is pain? What types of pain are there and what does this mean?
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On this page we explain why every pain we feel is a message that is sent from our brain. Sometimes this pain message is helpful to protect injured structures and sometimes it is not helpful and can hold us back. Click on the video below to find out more and then through to the 'know your pain' page for all the latest info from the world experts.


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Breathing, it can't be too hard right? We've been doing it all our life's. Click here to find out all about breathing.

Believe it or not leading research teams are starting to think we may have forgot how to breath. Hundreds of years ago the art of breathing played a huge role in health and wellbeing.  It even contributed to humans having a straighter teeth! In this page we focus on your breath. We look at the evidence behind nasal and mouth breathing, breathing techniques to improve focus and calm the mind. There is even new evidence to suggest certain breathing techniques can improve your immune system and fight off disease. We will also look at breathing and sporting performance and how nasal breathing can improve strength tests and cardiovascular endurance! 


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What is good quality sleep and how do we achieve it? Click here to find out more...

Our sleep can impact our eating habits, mood, pain volume and performance.  In this page we look at some of the evidence around Circadian rhythm (our natural body clock) and how most of us are out of synch.  We also look at how sleep can actually impact our pain levels and how we can improve our sleep with some simple factors like early morning direct light (even in cloudy climates).


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Stress can be healthy? That's right, find out here how cold, heat and other controlled stress can benefit your recovery.

We know that chronic stress can be a major contributor to disease and mental health conditions. Popular culture has seen people like Wim Hof (the ice man) profess the benefits of this. However, there is now growing evidence in high quality clinical trials that controlled (hormatic) stress from short bursts of cold, heat, fasting and intense task focus can have significant benefits in managing depression, anxiety, pain and may help prevent other diseases. 


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A healthy and happy mind is the key to overcome any challenge. Click here to find out more...

We know the impact your beliefs and fears can have on your progress.  These negative thoughts about doing more damage or what the future might hold are natural but without resolution can become a significant roadblock to success. In this page we talk about the common mental roadblocks and discuss how previous mental health conditions can impact your physical recovery.


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Eating time, fasting and microbiome how can it make a difference to my health and injury recovery? Click here to find out more.

If you get ill when you're run down and want to improve your immune system. If you want to know the facts about intermittent fasting and how this may have a knock on effect to your sleep, maintaining a healthy weight and improving your work focus and exercise performance then click on this page or check out our healthy eat blog and find out more.


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P-Lab Blog

Find out all the latest information on the subject your interested in.  This blog will include summaries of research, podcasts and books by world leading experts in health care.  Our P-Lab experts will also share updates on the work they are doing to make you happy, healthy and strong.

Just click on the category section below to find the high quality advice you need.  We believe the more knowledge you have about your body and mind the happier, healthier and stronger you will become.  

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