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Emma Follows (BSc Hons) MCSP

Emma has always had an interest in functional movement, and training in Pilates has helped her to gain these specialist skills. She has a background of high level martial arts and athletics. Emma has years of experience as a Pilates specialist and deals with a variety of injuries, but commonly addresses back and hip problems. She also works hard with patients to improve stability and movement to prevent further injury so you can feel confident in your sport or hobbies. 


Emma gained her BSc (Hons) degree in Physiotherapy in 2014 and graduated from University of Central Lancashire. She went on to complete her Pilates courses as a post graduate and has attended other courses to further specialise her skills in movement analysis including a Master degree module in clinical Biomechanics. Emma specialises in advanced musculoskeletal assessment and diagnosis with a keen interest in biomechanics, end stage rehabilitation and injury prevention. She has consolidated her skills by working with a wide variety of patients from athletes to the inactive. These skills enable her to address any issues you may have with confidence, ensuring your journey with the Performance Lab is successful and enjoyable.

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What do clients say about Emma

"Seen by Emma for treatment for my Achilles tendon problem . Dealt with in a very professional manner and my injury was resolved . l would have no hesitation in recommending Emma and the Performance lab for treatment. First class service provided"

"Seen for a wrist injury. Emma explained really well how the muscles and tendons work in the arm. Gave me the confidence to remove my splint and made me feel at ease.
My mum had also been treated by the Performance Lab and we would happily recommend them"

"Emma explains things very clearly and as help me with exercises enabled me to continue to work."

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