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Conditions / Pain Reduction Guides


At the Performance Lab we feel that knowledge is power. We know from our years of experience that a patient who understands what is causing their problem feels empowered to deal with it and is more focused on their rehab.

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We will be adding information about certain conditions onto this website. Simply look for the condition you want to know more about and click on it. If its not there then let us know and we will try and add something to the page.


If there is anything that you don't understand then please email or phone us.

Fit Woman

Tendinopathies effect the elbow, hip, shoulder, achilles - find out more

Child Physiotherapy

Everything you need to know about Patella Pain

Shoulder Treatment

All you need to know about frozen shoulder

Yoga Pose Looking Up

Click here for your 'BACK PAIN REDUCTION GUIDE'

Crossfit Exercise

Achilles Pain - morning stiffness to full recovery in 5 steps

Senior Therapy

Do you want to get rid of shoulder pain? Click here to find out how

Friends Working Out

5 Arthritis facts that everyone should know


Sports specialist physiotherapy - they know your sport inside out - find out more

Neck and Shoulder Massage

'NECK PAIN REDUCTION GUIDE' 5 simple steps to reduce neck pain.

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