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Understanding our pain system is vital for us to become happy and healthy.  

By using this interactive page you should be able to take make sense of the pain you feel.  We will focus on the following topics using our expertise and the knowledge of leading world pain experts.


1. What is pain?

2. What different types of pain

3. Persistent pain (longer than 3 months)

4.  Factors that contribute to pain

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1. What is pain?

2. Types of pain (acute or Chronic)

3. More Helpful Pain information


3. Persistent pain

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Check out this fantastic booklet from the department of health in Tazmania.  After reading this you will know exactly why your pain volume can turn up and what you can do to help. The link also takes you to Mike Stewarts 'Know Pain' website.  Mike is world expert pain Physiotherapist.

Pete moore pain toolkit.jpg

4. The pain toolkit (Pete Moore expert patient)

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Check out this website from Peter Moore a world renowned expert patient living with persistent pain.

A persistent pain problem can be difficult to understand and manage on an everyday basis. This website has been developed from the Pain Toolkit, a simple information booklet that provides you with handy tips and skills to support you along the way to managing your pain. You can get Pete's pain toolkit booklet directly from the website.


4. Contributing factors

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We know that there are so many factors that can contribute to the pain volume you feel.  On our other 'happy, healthy you' pages we'll explore how these factors play a role. For example, did you know a poor nights sleep can significantly increase the pain you feel the next day.  Click back to our 'healthy, happy you' page to find out more.

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