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We are one of only 11 practices able to deliver this professional movement screen.  This screen is used in professional sport to identify sports specisfic weak links. Once identified we can help you reduce injury risk and improve your sports performance.  We have helped many professional and amateur athletes to reach their specific targets.



Extensive one-hour examination of your body mechanics producing an outcome score highlighting your strengths and weaknesses


Comprehensive 45 minute examination of injury. Diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and exercises programmes provided.


30 minute expert treatment session



This is a 45 minute full body massage

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Ostenil Injection for Arthritis 

OSTENIL® is a solution containing sodium hyaluronate. It is injected into the space in the joint that contains synovial fluid and works by restoring the normal balance between the breakdown and production of sodium hyaluronate. This procedure is known as 'viscosupplementation', and the effect of OSTENIL® means that it can decrease pain and stiffness and improve the other symptoms of osteoarthritis. Learn More 


Steroid Injection for joints and some tendons 

Steroid injections are an anti inflammatory injection that can reduce pain and inflammation within joints and some tendons. Learn More 

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