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Director: Phil Driver, BSc (Hons),  MSc, MCSP, HPCP

Phil believes that good Physiotherapy does not just involve reducing pain but understanding the underlying cause of that pain in the first place. By dealing with the source, Phil believes that his client's can not only be pain free but can stop the problem coming back again.

Phil specialises in analysing movement and correcting inefficiencies that predispose you to injury, recurrent injury or reduces your performance. By developing personalised retraining exercise programs and using his highly developed manual, hands on skills he  can enable you to enjoy life and participate in activities you love for longer. From elite athletes to those that simply want to remain active and have fun with their families. 

He has worked with Matt for years developing screening tools to identify mechanical weaknesses that predispose people to injury. They are now part of an elite group of highly skilled Physiotherapists that provide a Professional movement Screen from TPM Pro

Phil gained his BSc (hons) degree from Liverpool University in 2002. He has subsequently completed a large spectrum of post-graduate courses in biomechanics, exercise rehab, injection therapy and a Masters degree  in  Manual Therapy.

Phil has specialised in Musculoskeletal injuries for over 16 years  and has worked in the NHS at the highest clinical level, as well as private clinics and semi-pro Rugby Union teams. During this time he has treated almost all conditions and from a wide spectrum of patients including sportsmen and women in a number of disciplines such as rowing, swimming, fell and track running, cycling and visually impaired football at the national level.

Phil and Matt are currently in the process of producing a 2-3 year study on achilles tendonopathy and rehabilitation. This is a cutting edge, large scale piece of work and has the potential to change our thinking of how to progressivley rehabilitate these injuries. 

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Director: Matt Kenyon, BSc (Hons),  MSc,MCSP, HPCP

Matt feels passionately about giving each client the best possible experience when attending The Performance Lab. He has Masters training in Communication and believes everyone has the right to be listened too. 

He has spent years with Phil pulling together a transparent, logical, milestone driven pathway for each client. They call this the Performance Lab Journey using  their vast experience and research to highlight the individual steps and building blocks a client must follow to achieve their goals.


Matt graduated in Physiotherapy from Salford University in 2003 following a degree in Sports Science. He has worked in the NHS since then progressing to the highest clinical position in the local NHS Trust. He has completed extensive  post-graduate training in his speciality of Musculoskeletal injury and completed his Masters Degree in Advanced Musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment with distinction in 2015. He is also a research scholar with the national institute of health research and an honorary fellow 

Matt has over 15 years experience of private practice Physiotherapy and has treated national level swimmers, badminton players, footballers, cross-fitters and track and field athletes.

Matt has a particular interest in hip and knee injuries and has worked with a number of lower limb Orthopaedic surgeons developing evidence based rehab programs for a wide spectrum of lower limb injuries including ACL tears, meniscal injuries, hip impingement, labral tears and hip and knee osteoarthritis to name a few.  

Matt is tendon researcher, working with world leaders in the field. He is currently working with Phil on some very exciting research on Achilles tendon injuries and recovery. His research has been presented at international conference and he holds a number of research grants and scholarships.


What do clients say about being treated by the directors?

See what people say about Phil

"Phil is the best physio I've ever been too. What I like is the emphasis on not only treating the injury but also identifying the cause & plan to prevent recurrence. It will be money well spent if you see these guys."


"I've had ongoing patella tracking knee issues for years and been to a variety of physios. Phil Driver has totally sorted me out and my knees have improved so much! I keep expecting pain when on stairs or walking up / down hills and it just doesn't come as much anymore! Truly transformed! Thank you I can't recommend enough!"

"Recently came to the Performance Lab through a recommendation from a friend for an acute knee injury. I had the pleasure of seeing Phil Driver who from the outset was incredibly welcoming and professional. The assessment I received was incredibly thorough and relevant, following that the advice and information about what was the cause or my pain and how to rectify it was very simply explained. Two weeks later i'm pain free and back running.

Cheers Phil and the performance lab!"


"I received treatment from Phil at the Blackburn lab for a long-standing achilles running injury, and am so glad i did. The exercises he gave me to do worked wonders and have cleared the injury, but it wasn't just those. He was very knowledgeable and took time to explain the reasons for my injury and the outline the stages of my recovery very clearly and realistically. It left me with a far greater understanding of the physiology of my body and what i have to do to prevent the injury reoccurring. In short, i'd highly recommend The Performance Lab and wouldn't hesitate to receive treatment there again (although i hope i don't have to!)"

See what people say about Matt

"I was a keen county standard netballer, playing and training several times a week. Over a few weeks I developed significant pain in my knee which limited my mobility, even walking was painful. I saw several physios who attempted to help but failed, I was beginning to get fed up and upset thinking I would never get my knee right. After 3 months of no progress The Performance Lab was recommended. After starting treatment, I began to notice progress though it was initially very slow and I had many obstacles to overcome. It felt that for every step forward I took a step backwards, I got frustrated and angry that every time something new was attempted my knee would flare up again, Matt tried everything! I really stretched his imagination to try to find new exercises that would help my knee but not cause the inflammation to return along with the pain. However, even when I felt like giving up, Matt came up with another suggestion and we tried again. Eventually significant progress was made and after nearly 2 and a half years of not being able to do any aspect of the sport I loved, I was able to start training towards sport specific exercises. Only 3 months after this breakthrough I successfully trialled for my University netball team and I haven’t had a set back yet! I have to maintain specific exercises, but I am able to go back and enjoy a sport that at one time during my injury I thought I’d never be able to do again. Thanks to Matt Kenyon for his perseverance, encouragement and ultimately success.

"Very impressive knowledge and care from the moment I arrived. Superior to any physio I have previously received. Not only was my injury treated, but exercises were given to improve the fitness of my whole body, which has deteriorated due to the injury I sustained.
The app with online videos is incredibly helpful. Little diagrams and lists on pieces of paper of exercises you should do, are OK, but actually having a video showing you exactly what to follow at home is fantastic.
Can’t recommend performance lab enough."

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