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Performance Lab are now a Movement Specialist Centre of Excellence

How does improving performance with less pain and fewer injuries sound?

Here at the Performance Lab we are proud to announce that we are now accredited users of 'The Performance Matrix (TPM)'. This makes us part of an elite group of the very best physiotherapists in the country, with only 11 other accredited centres in the UK!

Phil and Matt are both fully trained Movement Specialists able to use their biomechanical skills alongside the state of the art TPM analysis software to identify your movement faults.

How does it work?

Advanced Technology

We use state of the art movement analysis software to identify faults in the way that you move. TPM combines current scientific evidence from medical and sport performance to give you the best management, whatever your goal is.

Clinically proven to improve your movement health

TPM Active is based on academic research and backed by years of practical experience. The team behind TPM are recognised as the Movement Health leaders.

Who's it for?

Simple - It's for everyone who is interested in moving well.

Just like everything we do at Performance Lab we want to invest in the very best equipment, screening tools and staff to ensure that elite Physio is available for everyone.

Whether you want to improve performance, reduce injury risk or finally get rid of the source of your pain rather than just dealing with the symptoms, then TPM is for you.

For more information on how the Performance Matrix is used, visit their website here

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