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Don't let injury ruin your tennis season


Don’t Let Yourself Be Sidelined by Tennis Injuries

Tennis season is in full flow and Wimbledon is just around the corner! This means that tennis players young and old across the country will be working on their serve and volley and training hard. Tennis is a great sport for keeping healthy and often has a strong club social scene.

The health benefits are wide ranging from reducing stress, improving bone health and keeping your heart and lungs fit. The last thing you want is to have an injury that puts you out of action.

The Secret is Staying Injury Free

Unfortunately, the repetitive nature of tennis can take its toll on the joints, muscle and particularly the tendons. Common injures like tennis elbow, Rotator cuff injuries, ankle sprains and low back pain are very common. Some of these may settle within 2-6 weeks but some can be very stubborn and take months to resolve if not treated correctly.

One of the greatest risk factors for injury is having that injury before. So if you’ve suffered from a tennis injury in the past, you can download our free injury prevention leaflets at the following link

Nearly 2/3rds of tennis injuries are chronic overuse injuries, many of which are caused by poor incorrect equipment use, poor technique and lack of physical conditioning

Acute injuries, like an ankle sprain or calf strain, although sudden and unpredictable can also be prevented with adequate preparation and appropriate conditioning. Download the leaflets at the following link for more information on how to prevent common tennis injuries and stay in the game longer!

We hope you can enjoy a great season of tennis and remain injury free!

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