We can help you become a physio - Nicole's story

Nicole was our first Blackburn College Student. We caught up with her as she nears the end of her 1st year at physio school.

Nicole,What have you enjoyed the most in your first year at physio school?

Within my first year of physiotherapy at UEA, I have learnt and developed my practical skills and knowledge and how to apply these in a clinical situation. As well as this, I have enjoyed applying these skills when out on placement and performing assessments on patients. 

How did your time at Blackburn College prepare you for University?

When studying sports courses at Blackburn College, I learnt a lot of anatomy and physiology that I was able to apply within my Physiotherapy course at UEA. This helped me as I already had some background knowledge and I found more complex things slightly easier to learn. I was also able to use and develop my massage skills that I had learnt from my BTEC course. Despite the theoretical knowledge that helped to prepare me for University, it was also helpful when developing other skills for example communication and confidence which the extra coaching and leadership qualifications helped me to develop.

What did you learn from The Performance Lab that has helped you on your new course?

The Performance Lab taught me many practical skills for example how to perform a ‘body MOT’ which involved some tests including the star excursion test and the hop tests which I have been able to use and apply within my course. As well as this, I was able to observe the isokinetic dynamometer in use during ACL rehabilitation. Not only did The Performance Lab teach me practical skills, but Matt and Phil both sat down with me to go through some theory behind why these specific treatments were being performed.

Why would you recommend students to come to The Performance Lab for an observation placement?

I would completely recommend that any students that have the opportunity to attend a placement/ work experience at The Performance Lab should do so! Not only do they teach you a variety of practical skills and knowledge, but it enables you to gain an understanding of what the environment and setting will be like when treating patients for yourself either on placement or when you are qualified. In addition to this, Matt and Phil assisted me in the UCAS application process and looked over my personal statement numerous amounts of times which enabled me to get a place at a University in the top 3 for Physiotherapy. 

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