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We can get you access to foot and ankle experts within a few days!

Hi everyone

We are proud to announce our relationship with 2 of the leading north west consultant specialists.

Mr Aamir Zubairy (Orthopaedic foot and ankle consultant)


Professor Shah Khan (consultant radiologist)

We attended a recent event with these experts looking at the management of plantar fasciopathy and Achilles tendinopathy.

We agreed the best people to see regarding these conditions is us at the Performance Lab but if the problem isn't resolving we can get you seen within a couple of days for:

1. Affordable ultrasound scan to assess why the problem isn't improving and for a guided injection. Here's Matt getting his Achilles' tendons ultrasounded and yes there are signs of tendon overload.

2. An orthopaedic opinion that could include state of the art shock wave therapy which can be extremely effective at improving stubborn tendon problems. Here's Matt again getting his shock wave therapy treatment for his Achilles tendinopathy.

So if you need any further advice don't hesitate to contact us.

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