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Take control of your body

Hi everyone

I'd like to talk to you today about something we physios refer to as 'neuromuscular control'.

In a nutshell this is your body's unconscious ability to activate muscles in preparation and as a response to joint motion and loading. Basically it requires millions of subtle muscle contractions and relaxations to maintain your joints in the best possible position to reduce injury. And here's the interesting bit we can get better at doing this which helps us to get over and reduce risk to injury.

Here at the Performance Lab we use highly skilled assessments and tests to score your neuromuscular control.

We know what test scores you need to be able to safely walk, hike, run, return to sport.

Example of tests:

Joint position sense

Running analysis

Biomechanical analysis

The star excursion balance test

Cybex proprioception tests

If you want to see great performance results and avoid injury come and give us a shout at the Performance lab

See you next week


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