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Your Physiotherapy Centre of Excellence

Here at The Performance Lab Physiotherapy Centre, we simply believe in using the best physio's with the latest equipment to get you back to performing at your best quickly.  We're so confident that we can help you we are offering a FREE 15 minute Phone consultation with one of our Physio experts. Our friendly, approachable physio's will take their time to listen and understand your problem. They are happy to answer any of your questions, explain what we think is the problem and how we plan to help you. There is absolutely no obligation to book an appointment if you don't want to. Click the button below to book online now. 

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Check out our FREE 'Pain Reduction Guides' and Condition Advice

Stretching on Yoga Mat

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Achilles Pain - morning stiffness to full recovery in 5 steps

Workout with Fit Ball

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Friends Working Out

5 Arthritis facts that everyone should know


Sports specialist physiotherapy - they know your sport inside out - find out more

Neck and Shoulder Massage

'NECK PAIN REDUCTION GUIDE' 5 simple steps to reduce neck pain.

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