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Meet our experts. Click on the photo to find out more about our Physiotherapy Team.

Movement Specialist

Knee and Hip Specialist

Climbing Specialist

Pilates Specialist

Running Specialist

Gym and Tennis Specialist

Football and Cycling Specialist

Jaw pain speci

Phil Driver

Director: Phil Driver,  BSc (Hons),  MSc, MCSP, HPCP Movement Specialist Physio


Matt Kenyon BSc (Hons), MSc, MCSP Knee and Hip Specialist Physio

Alex Buckley Climbing Specialist

Alex Buckley BSc (Hons), MCSP, HPCP Climbing Specialist Physio

Dave Hampson Gym Specialist

Dave Hampson BSC (hons), MCSP, HCPC Gym and Tennis Specialist Physio

Emma Follows Pilates Specialist

Emma Follows BSc (Hons), MCSP, HCPC Pilates Specialist Physio

Lee Shimwell Running Specialist

Lee Shimwell BSc (Hons), MSc, MCSP, HCPC Running Specialist Physio

Chris Brennan Football and Cycling S

Chris Brennan BSc (Hons), MCSP, HCPC Football and Cycling Specialist Physio

pete leacy headache specialist

Pete Leacy BSc (Hons), MCSP, HCPC Headache Specialist

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