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Running Specialist

The Running Specialist

Lee is a runner through and through. He has run for Calder Valley Fell Runners since 2002 and completed classic events such as the Bob Graham round, most of the British classic fell races at least once and several trail races in Europe including the World Masters in Italy.

Lee has huge amounts of Physio experience dealing with runners of all abilities and understands how frustrating injury can be


Don't let injury get in the way of what you love



Climbing Expert

The Climbing Specialist

Al has climbed for over 20 years. He has climbed all over Europe and really honed his skills in Welsh Valleys. He makes a regular pilgrimage to Fontenbleau to test his fenesse in grit and trains hard in the Winter at Boulder UK.

Al has years of experience of dealing with all the normal injuries that climbers suffer from fingers and shoulder to the restricted hip and back.

Don't let injury keep you away from what you love


At the Performance Lab we have expert Physiotherapists that specialise in knee injury diagnosis and treatment. We have a wealth of experience dealing with ligament, meniscal, cartilage and patellofemoral injuries and work closely with 2 leading Orthopaedic Consultants in East Lancashire to provide a premiumm quality service.


Matt and Phil have developed a cutting edge Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) rehab program for those patients that have an ACL reconstruction. They have provided this to over 2oo patients to date and are currently producing research for publication.


The Performance Lab also attended the prestigious International Patelofemoral Knee symposium in 2015 debating topics with the World's leading experts in Biomechanics, diagnositcs and  Physiotherapy treatment. The knowledge and expertise gained here is put into practice with all our patients to ensure the best possible outcome. 


Below is a 10 minute video giving you all the information you need to know about knee anatomy


At the Performance lab we are proud that we can offer you something different. Not only do we have specialist skills and expertise in knee injury prevention and rehabilitation we also have access to equipment and Orthopaedic colleagues that are normally the domain of professional sports teams and exclusive medical organisations.

This piece of expensive equipment provides detailed information on the performance of individual muscles groups, allowing in depth analysis of where muscles are reduced in performance. This allows us to provide a tailored rehab program to suit your very specific individual needs.

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